B.E.A. (Beatrice Goldoni), was born in Venice in 1973. She starts studying music as autodidact (electric bass), then when she was 14, she started studying flute at B. Marcello Conservatory of Venice for 5 years. She began feeling a strong passion for sound in each tip of forms,  so she studied as sound engineer in Bologna at Skenè Studio, where she started learning techniques for recording, miking, sampling and mixing.

She has a degree on Philosophy at Ca' Foscari, -University of Venice- (2001) and a Master in Gender Studies at  Statale University of Milan.(2003)


At the moment, as a street educator and social operator for Young Politicians for the Commune of Venice, she manage the public rehearsal room, taking care about young musicians and giving them technical support and involving them in musical projects of the city.

As a social operator, she also collaborated to the realization of the Toolkit Festival and Schiume Festival (both take place every year in Venice).


As a dj, electronic musician  and sound engineer she collaborated and collaborates with this organizations in Venice: electronicgirls (netlabel), Metricubi, A+A Gallery, Banchina Molini 14 . She also works with  Decifra, an artistic association of Torino.

In 2014 She founded an electronic musical duo with Chironomia (Marta Marotta), named Umlaut.

For her live set she mainly uses two drum machines, Ableton sequencer/synth, and APC AKAI controller.


In general, her musical research is focused on relationship between architectural spaces and electronic sound.

About social thematics, she is most of all focused on relationship between art, gender and sexuality. She worked for Queer Observatory of Venice for LGBT rights: a institutional organization founded in 2003 that makes research on imaginary around gender, identity and sexual orientation.

Now she still collaborates with this Observatory, for which, as Umlaut, she realized with the performer Arianna Marcolini,  a show for the event Nitty Gritty, an event of public art focused on gender stereotypes, on relationship between audience and performers, on the perception of spaces and, related to this, on the delicate border between "internal" and "external".







Musicologist and musictherapist, she approaches to electroacoustic experimentation with literary readings in 2005.

She founds with Eliana Pecorari the Neutica duo (electro-acoustic improvisation).


Pamelia Kurstin’s theremin pupil, she lectures introductions and workshops about the instrument (DAMS-University of Padua; La gaia scienza show - La7; Electronic Girls Open Act - S.a.L.E. Docks, Laboratorio Occupato Morion, Venice).


She studies free improvisation during workshops and performances in differents line-ups (Music for Shorts - Mestre Film Fest, Suonografie and Libera via [ pax~ ], PsssPsssPsss M. J. Malagnino, Musica da parete – Walking Freedom Fort - Forte Marghera, VE, Altavoz and Sherwood Open Live - Rivolta, VE, Theremin per silhouettes - Est:art-Enzimi, TV.


With electronicgirls netlabel she participates to various events: ToolKit festival (AplusA - Centro Espositivo Sloveno, VE), Nu fest,  Illuminations Closing Party-54esima Biennale d’arte, Annusavamo fiori di fibra ottica stage show, Acusmatiq 7.0 (AN), Golden min.-The fantastic and irrational number performance of 21 improvisation group (Teatro Ca' Foscari – VE, Nufest Teatro Ruzante - PD), Altolab (Banchina Molini, VE) Biennale Architettura  (AplusA - Centro Espositivo Sloveno, VE), Electrocamp  festival dedicated to electronic music and performing art organized by electronicgirls and c32performingartworkspace(Forte Marghera, VE), The Barbagianni’s Electronic Experience an experimental project made of electronic music and performing art.

In 2012 she releases her debut solo album Monody sentence for elecronicgirls.
She also participates to the following releases: Electronicgirls Volume 1, Electronicgirls Crossing the line, Electronicgirls Into the Night, Electronicgirls Volume 2.

Her electro-acoustic/experimental music sets are composed of theremin, Arturia Minibrute, voice, effects, looper and random circumstances.

Together with B.E.A. she founds Umlaut, an electro-experimental duo; they perform for the first time with the performer Arianna Marcolini in Nitty Gritty vol.2 (Osservatorio Queer in collaboration with Iuav Lab Arti Visive, AplusA,  Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa), a project focused on gender’s stereotypes,  connection between public and performers, space’s perception, fine line between “inside” and “outside”.